Pre Kindergarten Program


Four & Five Year Olds

PreK owls

Pre-kindergarten fully prepares each child for Kindergarten. Our teachers are very aware of what children should know before beginning elementary school, so our curriculum focuses on those areas. Children learn both upper case and lower case letters, following the traditional manuscript writing style which is used in all Klein Elementary schools. Recognizing lower case letters makes learning to read much easier. Math skills include sorting, counting, patterning, sizes, and more.

Each preschool day includes circle time when we discuss the day of the week, date, and month, say the Pledge of Allegiance, hear a special story, and find out about the rest of the day’s activities.

We play outside for thirty minutes, where we have a fort, slide, sand (with lots of digging toys, trucks, blocks, and more), swings, and other fun things. We spend time each day hearing songs, singing, dancing, playing instruments, using bean bags and parachutes, and more.

We have an activity time at our tables, when each child works on a project. This might include gluing, cutting, drawing, or painting. We practice writing our letters too.

It is important to start practicing good habits that will help us succeed in Kindergarten. We are able to sit and listen for ten or fifteen minutes; we remember to wash our hands after using the bathroom; we share our toys; we practice using inside voices; we remember to say please and thank you; we raise our hands to talk.

Before our preschool day ends, we have had time for play. We have a homeliving center (with dress up clothes too), a blocks center, an area for puzzles, a farm with lots of pretend animals, and other fun toys.